Hi Rob,

If I have done the QR code right as well as setting up the word press page correctly; and assuming you manage to scan it, you should be reading this, If I didn’t then you won’t see it and everything from here on has been a waste of time.

It was good to talk to you last night and to catch up with what you have been doing since you got back to Canada from your trip. Into Mexico.

I was looking forward to a weekend of writing and doing that sort of thing with Liesl, but it turns out that my daughter, Robin, has different ideas for what our weekend should look like, and she has arranged for me to put up a shed on her allotment tomorrow.

She tells me that it should take no more than three or four, perhaps five hours to complete. Just to make things more interesting the weather forecast is for something between hail storms and pissing rain. At least she has promised us lunch once the job is done. she says she’s been trying out a new recipe for turnip soup. She says it’s very nice, although I have heard that the kids turned their nose up at it and even the cat has chosen to go on hunger strike.

I don’t know whether you’ll be able to use the cheques which are enclosed. Full of them will be to replace the ones which have been sent to you, although I don’t know how you will tell which ones they are. Actually I have just had another look at them you can see that some of them say the bond number which they have won against.

Okay, that is about it for now. I’ll get these in the post this afternoon and you will get them sometime I guess in the 4th week of January.