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My name is William

I’m a writer.

I write about life in Wimplebrige, a small village between Stratford and Warwick, where there always seems to be something happening. You can learn more by visiting the village website www.wimplebridgevillage.co.uk

Chapters 1 – 10 A FREE taste of life in Wimplebridge

In the picturesque village of Wimplebridge, the Belcher family’s way of life is under thread from the modern world. They’ve been farming in the area since the time of the Normans. They own the biggest farm, the local pub, and the village shop.

Mostly life is calm and orderly in the village, but things are changing for the family. The modern world is encroaching into the Wimpole valley, and not all of it’s welcome. New money is challenging the established wealth and the Belcher’s way of life is under threat.

How will Claudilia, the self-proclaimed matriarch, respond? With her characteristic directness, she takes on all comers; she accepts those things she can’t change and, with deadly consequences, she changes those things she can’t accept. All this, at the same time as organising the biggest event in the village’s social calendar.

Claudilia Belcher wants to keep her village the way it’s always been. But would she commit murder to halt the march of progress?

There’s an undercurrent of unrest in Wimplebridge village. The latest wife of a local businessman is throwing her weight around. New money is challenging established wealth and Claudilia’s determined to win at all costs.

As she struggles to restore the balance of power, with the Belcher family on top, Claudilia attracts the attention of the local police. The body count’s rising and she’s the common denominator, all that’s missing is any proof. 

A New FREE story

The Fisherman’s Tale

In The fisherman’s Talewe meet Gary Wood, a poacher, who had a small but important role in the longer story, The Village Fate. We discover a little about his life and what brought him to the river Wimple, on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Claudilia Belcher, the principal character in The Village Fate, is also here. She’s someone who plays a significant role in the life of our young poacher.

What’s in a missing person’s report.

Maggie Macintosh is missing. But she’s over eighteen and there’s no reason to think that she’s at risk, so should the police be looking for her at all? 

Has Maggie gone to ground, or is she in the ground? As the police reveal the details of her life, it becomes clear to Angus that his duplicitous wife was not the woman he thought she was. 

Read the police report and see what you make of Maggie Macintosh. 

I’ve been married to my long suffering wife for thirty two years. Without her support I’d never have published anything. Somehow we’ve managed to raise four children. I’d like to take the credit for that but in truth it’s her tireless work that’s made them such wonderful people.

I write on my blog when I have something worth sharing and you can read it by searching the menu above, or by clicking here.

It’s great to hear from readers, and honestly I don’t bite. If you’d like to contact me just click on this link email William and I promise to reply.